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Author’s supervision

Designer’s supervision consists in accompanying the designer with a working draft during its implementation. The designer, like you, is more interested than anyone else in ensuring that the project is implemented exactly as intended. Therefore, it is the author of the project who will be able to control the implementation process, without missing a single important point.

When ordering this service you receive:

– Mandatory visits of the designer to the construction site (1-2 times a week) with verification of the compliance of the work performed with the design project,

– The designer personally answers the questions of builders and allies during trips or by phone and e-mail,

– Each time we go to the object, we make a photo fixation,

– We keep a journal of field supervision, in which we note the results of the work performed, identified shortcomings,

– Based on the results of each visit, we draw up a report and send it to the customer,

– If necessary, the designer makes changes to the working documentation if clarifications, additions or adjustments to previously agreed decisions are required.

Moreover, the decision on alterations or penalties is carried out by the client.

Field supervision does not imply construction management and technical checks. We carry out a controlling, not managerial function.

Field supervision is paid monthly:

2,000,000 soums per month – within Tashkent
2,000,000 soums per month – within the Republic of Uzbekistan, not including travel expenses and accommodation.
For Foreign trips – the price is negotiable and does not include all expenses for flights and accommodation.