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For our experts, nothing is impossible, our experts will realize even the most incredible ideas.

Full scale design

Full scale design

We create sketches of absolutely all the elements of your future home, from electrics to heating.

Unique solutions

Unique solutions

The priority area of our bureau is the design of residential buildings. Our team consists of professional designers, engineers, designers and architects.

Individual approach

Individual approach

We always listen to the opinion of our customers and keep in touch with them throughout the work.

Development of a detailed design of buildings and structures:

Outline design (plan, facade, section).

Working draft (KZh, OV, VK, PS, SS)

Examination of working projects and budget documentation.

Development of on-site and supply networks

Estimated documentation (construction costs).



This is a sketch of the future home, designed in the format of furniture, a plan for the placement of equipment and devices, design, the surface of walls, stairs and other details.


Complete design of indoor ventilation

Complete design of indoor ventilation 3D visualization (Render)

Part of a modern design project. This is approximately 20% of all work. Moreover, the work on creating the design itself, and in coordination with our experts.


We offer a full range of works on the design and installation of power supply systems: shtrobling and drilling walls, etc.

Wall Unfolding

Any serious design project requires a mandatory scan of the walls. It is this technique that helps to accurately represent the future interior design.


The range of services, our organization, includes the design of water supply and sanitation.

Landscape design

Architectural design

We provide architectural design services for any property – from private homes and townhouses to shopping and business centers.
The basis of the architectural project of our studio is a combination of customer’s ideas about ideal forms and strict adherence to established building standards
and safety rules.


  1. Technical task
    Technical task Formation of the customer’s wishes about the parameters of the future object in the format of the technical task, indicating the functional requirements, the number of rooms,
    the choice of general style. Analysis of the land and permits.
  2. Draft project
    Includes floor plans, facade schemes, vertical sections of the building. Creating realistic facade images using 3D-visualization. Note: the stage lasts until the result is fully consistent with the wishes of the customer.
  3. Working draft (АР, КР, ВК, ЭО,ОВ)
    Calculation and execution of all architectural and design decisions based on the sketch design approved by the customer. Preparation of documentation necessary for the start of construction work.
  4. Author’s supervision
    Architectural supervision of the construction includes field visits, consultations and monitoring of compliance with the project, if necessary, making adjustments to the working drawings.
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  • Проект3 podval copy
  • Проект4 fundament copy
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  • Проект6 1etaj copy
  • Проект7 copy
  • Проект8 copy
  • Проект9 copy
  • Проект10 copy
  • Проект11 copy
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  1. Draft project
    Includes floor plans, facade schemes, vertical sections of the building.

Included documentation:
1. Explanatory note
2. General plan
3. Floor plans
4. Architectural solutions of the facade
5. Sections of the future residential building

  1. Working draft
    Working documentation for builders.

Documentation Included:
1. Explanatory Note
2. General plan
3. Floor plans with the explication of premises
4. Display facades
5. Colored 3D renderings of the house
6. Cuts
7. Masonry plans for construction
8. Detailed drawings of all nodes
9. Window and door specifications
10. Drawings of the foundation, roof and other structural elements


  • Daniyar Talasov

    Good job, work on the result. team of young architects. very attentive to details. without question agreed on their project in the Sakhalin administration.


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