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Picking objects

Customer support in the procurement of goods and equipment, marketing research, delivery of goods to the facility. A complete set is ordered in order to get the best price due to designer discounts and help in choosing specific custom-made items (color, article, configuration).

The scope of services for completing the Object includes the following:

– Search for materials, plumbing, furniture, engineering structures and other materials and equipment.
– Checking the availability, timing and terms of delivery of materials and equipment from specific suppliers.
– Implementation by the picker of control over the procurement.
– Reconciliation and approval of the shape of parts and colors.
– Selection of suppliers.
– Comparison and monitoring of prices for materials and equipment.
– The choice of manufacturers of individual positions.
– Consulting suppliers on sizes, communication with the designer.
– Support and advice when choosing positions.
– Participation in acceptance at the facility. Coordination and verification of part numbers, completeness.
– Timely identification of defective items.
– Making calculations of the amount of materials and equipment necessary for the purchase.
– Replacing discontinued items without disrupting the design.
– Departure with the client to the office or showroom of suppliers to select custom items.
– Advising a client on procurement issues.

The client enters into contracts for the supply and purchase of equipment with contractors on their behalf.

Costof fixed configuration:1 000 000total per month. At the same time, prices for most purchases of equipment and furniture will be cheaper than retail. Savings for the client are achieved through designer discounts.