ArchPro-Architectural Projects by Professional Architects

We offer a full range of services for the development of design - interior design projects, apartments, houses, offices, studios, exterior, landscape of your dreams.
Individual approach to each client allows you to create a unique design project meets the requirements and tastes of the customer.
• Architectural design
• 3D AnimatIion, 3D Panorama
• Interior design in a contemporary style using the latest materials
• Brand Development
• Author's supervision
• Architectural design - architectural part of the building and town-planning documentation containing architectural solutions to the extent necessary for the development of documentation for construction, in the design of which must be attended by an architect. Architectural decisions must take into account the complex social, economic, functional, engineering, engineering, fire, sanitation, environmental, architectural, artistic and other requirements for the project.
• "3D Panorama" - to create virtual tours for your business.
Unfortunately, even the most detailed descriptions, photos, videos, solve this problem only partially. To gain a complete picture of the object allows a virtual tour, order that today many companies seek.
• Create 3D animation begins with the study of the foundations of the object on the basis of which is determined by the component of the three-dimensional animation. All components are assembled into a single unit, and then worked out the subtleties of light and movement of objects. Animators and artists studios carefully think through all the details of the script, carefully selecting the objects that it is expedient to animate. Not less responsibly we approach the selection of the sound, visual effects and other support.
• Interior Design (interior design) - the design industry, focused on interior space to ensure comfort and an aesthetically pleasing environment interaction with people. Interior design combines artistic design ipromyshlenny. Designer performs the optimization of the labor room, improves navigation in large areas, develops design of specialized premises according to customers' requirements. Designer manages the entire process of interior decoration from the room layout, lighting, ventilation, acoustics; finish the walls; and ending with the placement of furniture and installation of navigation marks.
• Exterior design (Fr. ex-térieur, the exterior armor -.. External-view) - artistic or architectural appearance, the design of the building that provides a person a favorable aesthetic perception.
The exterior design is based on the synthesis of pragmatic and artistic ideas and solutions to improve the conditions of human existence in a holistic aesthetically perfect form. Those. the building will look like on the outside.
• Supervision: Produced from the start of construction and until the full completion of the works envisaged by the project and is to monitor the compliance of works with design solutions, as well as identifying the need to correct them, informing the Customer.


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