Corona for 3ds Max 1.6 Released!

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We’re giving you up to 200% speed boost in scenes where direct lighting from HDRI environment is dominant, compared to Corona 1.5.2
5x faster LUT parsing
New stratified random sampler makes noise disappear faster
Glare is rendered 33% faster
Interactive rendering is virtually a real-time experience now thanks to subsampling; refresh rate was also improved, and unnecessary restarts fixed
Support for the latest Embree provides an additional 2-3% speed boost
Memory usage is lower when using deformable motion blur

New improved UI on master and slaves
No more missing assets, as they are sent automatically to each render node
Memory usage is reported by the slaves
Adaptivity now works with DR…
…which means faster rendering
…and that noise limit can be used with DR

Introducing the Corona Image Editor (CIE) – a portable application which loads Corona EXR files and supports all Corona VFB features, including adjusting LightMix and Denoising without re-rendering, and without running your 3D software
LightMix has been given a generous UI upgrade, and you can now bake its properties directly into the scene
The Corona VFB now features curves, sharpening/blurring, and various UI improvements
Shift-click to add new render regions, and Ctrl-click and drag their borders to make them fuzzy; regions’ size and position are also saved within the file
Corona Scatter can now scatter in regular patterns, and on splines
Triplanar map lets you forget about seams and stretching on complex organic and geometric forms
Multimap UI has been enhanced with frequency spinners and random gamma
Round Edges is now virtually impossible to distinguish from real chamfered geometry, and it renders faster
Corona Lights with directionality enabled are not rendered black anymore
Bloom and glare now works with spherical VR renders, without seams or distortion
Stereo images without the spherical projection can be used to create classic side-by-side stereo images and animations
Corona Bitmaps can now be rotated using degrees when used in the Environment slot

The long awaited terminator shading fix is finally here! The faceted shading on low poly objects, visible especially when bump mapping was used, is a thing of the past!
A free set of IES profiles is now included in the installation (thanks Real-IES for providing these!)
New photographic LUTs have been included (thanks to Kim Amland, known as Dubcat on the forums, for providing these!)

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